UI Media Network, conscious listeners, past guests and millions around the world will participate in a global event called ...

The focus will be to give time, resources, and money to support great causes and organizations to make our world a better place.

We need your help to spread conscious media and with your support, we can continue to offer our shows FREE of charge to our guests and the world.
Let’s fight consumerism..

As United Intentions strives to help others, we would be thrilled if you would serve and partner with us as well on.


As you join with us to partner and give MONTHLY or SINGLE donations, we can maintain the meaningful and powerful collaboration we have with conscious leaders, paradigm shifters, mindful people, and those hungry for change around the world to make an impact for conscious media all year long.  As we broadcast our amazing guests with mindful content, hearts are touched, lives are changed, "self" is strengthened, and we raise the frequency of the world, together.

Please show your support and help us unite the intentions of those around the world making a difference and bring conscious media to the masses.

Each show costs over $275.00 to produce. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 so we can broadcast our shows FREE for our listeners in 2019. Any dollar amount helps, we are grateful for your support! CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO DONATE